Christian Buckley Named Poca's Most Valuable Dot

Christian Buckley Named Poca's Most Valuable Dot
Posted on 12/02/2014
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On Friday, November 21, Christian Buckley was named the Most Valuable Dot for the 2015 Senior Class. Christian is the son of Dana and Kathy Buckley.

Each year the senior class and the faculty nominate 3-6 students for the honor, but the faculty selects the winner. This year there were five nominees: Christian Buckley, Mariah Cook, Haley Fields, AJ Ford, and Kendal Sayre. Each candidate submitted a résumé to the staff and introduced themselves in a speech to the faculty before the voting.
Before voting on the candidate, the staff took the following criteria under consideration.

Poca High School’s Most Valuable Dot is a student who
• Values education and strives to reach his/her learning potential

• Sets goals and works to accomplish them

• Participates in activities and enhances them through his/her involvement

• Maintains good school attendance

• Exhibits an optimistic outlook on life

• Exhibits strong character, integrity, and loyalty

• Interacts with others in a warm and friendly manner

• Turns setbacks into victories

• Recognizes his/her teachers, peers, and family as valuable human beings

• Takes risks and shares new experiences with others

• Values friendship

• Takes pride in his/her accomplishments and celebrates the accomplishments of others

• Represents his/her school well at extracurricular and community events

The faculty and staff at Poca High are very proud of Christian and all the Most Valuable Dot (MVD) candidates. Christian, as the MVD, will be one of the honor speakers at this year’s graduation ceremony.

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