Poca High's Award-winning Show Choir "Visual Volume" is under the new direction of Mr. Michael Rose. Mr. Rose can be contacted at michael.e.rose@k12.wv.us

2020-2021 Auditions:

Any student interested in joining visual volume must submit two audition videos. One for vocal auditions, and the other for dance auditions. Students will submit these videos via the website flipgrid.com. When submitting a video audition via flipgrid, students should use their Putnam county student email address when prompted. Needed audition materials can be found on dropbox in the links provided below.

Vocal Audition Video Instructions:

1.Students will submit a vocal audition video consisting of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and a song of their choice.

2.The materials you need for vocal auditions can be found by using this dropbox link. Materials include a track to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" with, a demo of "My Country 'Tis of Thee," a video follow along score, and a copy of the music.


3.When recording your audition video, please state your name, grade, and voice part (if you know it) at the beginning of the video. Then proceed to record “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” first, and then record the song of your choice. When choosing the song of your choice, please make sure it is school appropriate. Select a 1 minute clip of the song to record.

4.Make sure that both “My Country “Tis of Thee” and the song of your choice are recorded in the same video

5.When you have completed recording your video you can submit your video here: https://flipgrid.com/df7ec0e7. Remember you may be asked to provide an email – use your Putnam county student email.

Dance Audition Video Instructions:

1.Students will submit a dance audition video to the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat.”

2.The materials you need for the dance auditions can be found using this dropbox link. These materials consists of a video in which our choreographer, Mrs. Brooke Smolder teaches you the choreography, and a video in which she puts it all together with music.


3.After you have learned the choreography, you can make your video. Make sure that your entire body is visible in the video. Use the video titled “Choreography Demo” to dance to in your video. Make sure that the music is easily heard on your video.

4.Once you are done recording your video, you can submit it here: https://flipgrid.com/419b6540. Remember again, you may be asked to enter an email, make sure you use your Putnam county student email address.

5.Auditions have been extended until Friday, August 28th. All videos must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the 28th.

6.If you have any questions or concerns regarding auditions, please contact Mr. Rose at Michael.E.Rose@k12.wv.us