Photo of Mrs. Null and Mrs. Osborne

Congratulations to this year's Teacher of the Year and Service Person of the year!

Poca High's Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Rhonda Null.  Mrs. Null is a business teacher who is passionate about entrepreneurship!  She teaches Business Computer Applications, Personal Finance, and Business & Marketing Essentials and is loved by her students for her inspiring attitude and "Motivational Mondays".  

Our Service Person of the Year is Mrs. Robin Osborne.  Mrs. Osborne works with our most special students and is a Poca Dot through and through!  She graduated from PHS "a few years ago" and can always be counted  upon to promote school spirit!  In addition to her duties, she keeps our bulletin boards updated with the accomplishments of our students and staff.

We could not be more proud of both of our Persons of the Year!  Once a Dot, Always a Dot!