Photo of portfolio interviews

Another rite of passage, PHS seniors fulfilled one of their final graduation requirements today by participating in the annual Portfolio Expo.  Business representatives from all over Putnam County provide mock job interviews and portfolio evaluations for our seniors.  

Each student is required to complete a portfolio of their skills and accomplishments along with a resume and cover letter as part of their Civics coursework, and presents their portfolio to at least two interviewers at the Portfolio Expo.  Students are also instructed in professional dress and interview skills.  

Poca High extends our warmest thanks to the community members who take time out of their busy schedules to help our students become better prepared for the workforce.  This year's participants included:

Better Foods (Gino's & Tudors)
Freedom Promise
Dow, Inc. 
Edward Jones
Foster Supply
Gritt's Farm
Poca Valley Bank
Pretty Creative
Putnam County Bank
Triad Engineering
WV Army National Guard