Distance Learning

This announcement is for Parents/Guardians of a high school student enrolled in Putnam Distance model. This message is not intended for in-person or WV Virtual students.

This announcement will serve to address attendance requirements for students enrolled in virtual learning. The following protocols are in place to address the issues of truancy and failing grades.

·  Students with failing grades may be directed to attend a Putnam Distance Learning Hearing to be held at the home school.

·  The hearing team may consist of the building administration, teacher, counselor, social worker, student, and parent/guardians.

·  A decision will be made at the hearing to allow the student to remain virtual or be dismissed from the Putnam Distance model and be required to attend under the 5 Day In Person model.

·  Case managers may be assigned to students who are either truant or failing.

·  An academic probation plan may be developed by the Putnam Distance Case Manager that must be strictly adhered to by the student.

·  Attendance will be assessed weekly and students will be referred to the attendance director to pursue judicial remediation as needed.

If you have questions regarding this announcement please contact your child’s principal.

Thank you and have a great week!